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Advertisement No. VSSC-295 dated 08.04.2017


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Invites application for the FOLLOWING POSTs


POST : SCIENTIST/ENGINEER-SC [LEVEL 10( ` 56,000 - ` 1,77,500/- )]

Post No

No. of


Essential qualifications for the post

Physical Requirements

Nature of job





1.     M.E/M.Tech or equivalent in Engineering Mechanics/Machine Design/Mechanical Design in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 60% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of a minimum of 6.5 on a 10 scale or equivalent and


2.     B.E/B.Tech or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of 6.84 on a 10 scale or equivalent.

S, ST, W, BN, MF, PP, RW, SE, C, H, L, KC

Plan, Design, Analyse, Develop & Realize electronics sub-systems for Inertial Navigation system. Study existing systems and develop state of the art system using modern technologies.



Reserved for PWD-OH


M.Sc. degree in Chemistry (General Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry/Applied Chemistry) in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of a minimum of 6.84 on a 10 scale or equivalent.



S, ST, W, BN, CRL, CL, L, KC, RW, MF, PP, SE, C, H


Synthesis, chemical analysis, and R&D in the field of specialty chemicalls and materials for development of high performing materials for aerospace applications.

Post No.1321 is a backlog vacancy of PWD(OH- Orthopaedically Handicapped) category. If OH candidate is not be available for this post, HH (Hearing Handicapped with moderate disability) will be considered and therefore, HH candidates (with moderate disability) can also apply. If OH/HH candidates are not available, UR (Un-reserved) candidates will be considered for the post and the reservation for OH will be carried forward. Therefore, OH, HH & UR candidates may apply against this post.



M.Sc. degree in Chemistry/Applied Chemistry with specialization in Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of a minimum of 6.84 on a 10 scale or equivalent.

S, ST, W, BN, CL, MF, PP, RW, SE, C, H, L, KC

Development and production of speciality chemicals, polymers and materials for space applications.



B.E/B.Tech or equivalent in Chemical Engineering in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of a minimum of 6.84 on a 10 scale or equivalent.

S, ST, W, BN, CL, MF, PP, RW, SE, C, H, L, KC

Planning and supervision of chemical processes in laboratory level and pilot plants. Design of chemical process equipment, development and scale up of new processes for producing polymers and materials for space applications

For candidates with AMIE/Grad IETE qualification, there should be an aggregate minimum of 65% marks or CGPA/CPI grading of 6.84 on a 10 scale in Section ‘B’ alone.

POST : FIRE OFFICER-C [LEVEL 10( ` 56,000 - ` 1,77,500/- )]

Post No

No. of


Essential qualifications for the post

Physical Requirements

Nature of job



1.       First Class B.Sc (Physics/Chemistry/Maths).

2.       Advanced Diploma from National Fire Service College (Divisional Officers Course).

3.       6 years experience as Station Officer.


1.       B.E/B.Tech in Fire Engineering with 6 years experience as Station Officer.

The candidates should posses valid Heavy Vehicle Driving License and should satisfy the prescribed physical fitness and endurance test standards.

S, ST, W, BN, CRL, CL, L, KC, RW, MF, PP, SE, C, H


Managing and maintaining operational readiness and discipline in the fire stations of VSSC at Veli & Vattiyoorkavu campus. Attending and directing fire service personnel during fire/rescue situations. Procurement of materials / equipments required for the functioning of the fire stations. Assessing / designing fire detection and suppression systems for facilities in VSSC. Installation, maintenance and testing of fire protection systems. Arranging and conducting training in fire fighting for employees.




No. of vacancies

Essential qualifications for the post



Nature of job



M.Sc degree in Meteorology in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks (average of all semesters) or CGPA/CPI grading of a minimum of 6.84 on a 10 scale or equivalent.


Work in Shift duties on broad spectrum areas under the C-Band Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar (DWR) facility at Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station. DWR calibration, data validation, inter comparison of data among instruments, long term statistical analyses, atmospheric modeling and meteorological analyses during meso-synoptic weather events in collaborative multi-instrumented experiments.



UR=Un-reserved,  PWD=Persons with Disabilities, OH=Orthopaedically Handicapped, HH=Hearing Handicapped, S=Sitting,  ST=Standing, W=Walking, , BN=Bending, L=Lifting, RW=Reading & Writing, MF=Manipulation by Fingers, SE=Seeing, C=Communication, CRL=Crawling, CL=Climbing,  PP=Pulling & Pushing, KC=Kneeling & Croutching, H=Hearing,







1.  The post nos.1320, 1322, 1323 & 1324 are not identiifed for Persons with Disability (PWD). However, they can apply for the posts suitable to them even if the post is not identified for them. However, such candidates will be considered for selection to such posts by general standard of merit. Persons suffering from not less than 40% of relevant disability shall alone be eligible for the benefit of age relaxation as permissible under rules.

2.   The above vacancies may vary depending upon the actual requirement.

3.  The Centre reserves the right not to fill up any of the posts, if it so decides.



Applications will be received on-line only and all further communications will be made to the applicants through e-mail/VSSC website only. Therefore, the applicants are advised to check their e-mail and visit the VSSC website from time to time. The application format for on-line registration is available in the website from ­­­­­­­­­­­1000 hours on 10.04.2017 to 1700 hours on 24.04.2017. The candidates registered under National Career Service (NCS) portal and fulfilling the eligibility conditions may visit VSSC website and follow the application procedure as stated.

"Government strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply"










General conditions/Instructions


01.       The posts are temporary, but likely to continue (except the position of Research Scientist).


02.       The position of Research Scientist will be purely on contract basis for a period of 3 years



04.       Age limit (as on 24.04.2017) and Pay & allowances:


Sl No

Post No./

Position No.


Age Limit

Approximate Salary per month






1320 to 1323


35 years

35 years

35 years

35 years

` 61,400/-



Fire Officer-C

45 years

45 years

45 years

45 years

` 61,400/-



Research Scientist

35 years

35 years

35 years

35 years

` 61,400/-


Minimum age is 18 years for all posts.

Ex-Servicemen, Meritorious Sportspersons & Persons With Disability (PWD) are eligible for age relaxation as per Government of India orders.

05.       The prescribed Physical Fitness/Endurance Test standards for the post of Fire Officer-I(Post No. 1321) is as follows;

(a) Physical Fitness Standards:

1.         No deformity (inter-alia, bow legs, knock knees or flat foot shall be a disqualification)

2.         Height                                        165 cm (minimum)

3.         Weight                                       50 kg (minimum)

4.         Chest                                         81 cm (minimum)

5.         Chest on expansion                                86 cm

6.         Distant Vision                           6/6 without glasses or any other aid

7.         Near Vision                               Normal but for presbyopic correction for persons above 40 years

8.         Night blindness is a disqualification

9.         Colour blindness is a disqualification

10.      Each eye must have full field of vision

11.      Squint or any other morbid condition of the eyes, or of the eyelids of either eye liable to the risk of aggravation or recurrence, shall be deemed to be a disqualification











(b) Endurance Test Standards:

Out of the eight events shown below, candidates should select and qualify in atleast five.

Sl No


For candidates of age

Below 40 years

40 years & above

Three Star Standard

Two Star Standard

One Star Standard


100 metres run

12 seconds

13 seconds

14 seconds


High Jump

5 feet 3 inch (160.02 cm)

5 feet (152.40 cm)

4 feet 6 in (137.16 cm)


Long Jump

19 feet (5.80 metres)

17 feet (5.19 metres)

15 feet (4.57 metres)


Putting the shot of 7.27 kg (16 lbds)

28 feet (8.53 metres)

24 feet (7.32 metres)

20 feet (6.10 metres)


Throwing the Cricket ball

275 feet (83.82 metres)

225 feet (68.58 metres)

200 feet (60.96 metres)


Rope climbing (only hands)

16 feet (4.88 metres)

14 feet (4.27 metres)

12 feet (3.66 metres)



15 Nos.

10 Nos.

08 Nos.


1500 metres run

5 minutes

5 minutes 15 seconds

5 minutes 45 seconds

(c) Syllabus of written test:

v  Building Construction:   Building classification, materials and their behavior under fire condition, types of occupancy, fire escape, building regulations.

v  Fixed Fire Fighting Installation:  Sprinkler systems, dranchers, automatic fire alarm systems, CO2 foam including different types of foam systems, Halon systems.

v  Air craft fire and rescue: Fire hazard in air craft and action required for rescue and fire fighting.

v  Foam and Foam making equipment: Different types of foam, their properties, use and operation of foam making equipment storage of foam compound.

v  Hose and Hose fittings.

v  Small and special gears and ladders, portable fire extinguishers.

v  Water Tender and Pump: Classification, operation and maintenance.

v  First Aid: First aid measures.

v  Salvage: Before, during and after fire; Equipment used for salvage operations.

v  Special Service: Rescue of trapped persons in lift, sewers, debris of collapsed buildings and well.

v  Basic physics and chemistry: Heat and combustion, flammable liquids and their physical properties, liquids and gas fires.  BLEVE dust explosion, propellant and explosives.  Special hazards such as oxygen enriched/deficient atmospheres and cryogenics.

v  Electricity: Fundamentals of generation and distribution, electrical hazard and protective measures, fire fighting in electrical installations, static electricity hazards.

v  Hydraulics: Concepts of pressure and flow related to fire fighting, nozzle discharge, calculations of water requirements of specific fire condition, water relay system.

v  Personal protection: Personal protection gear such as gas masks, SCBA, chemical protective suit, thermal protection suit, lead gear etc.

v  Statutory Bodies/Regulations: Indian Explosive Act/Rules; STEC regulations; Petroleum Act/Rules, Gas cylinder rules.

v  Fire protection systems for high rise structures and buildings – knowledge of BIS (ISI) and NBC (National Building Code) with reference to building construction.

v  Working out fire protection schemes for different types of buildings and installation including propellant processing, raw material storage and other light hazard occupancies.

v  Forest fire management.

v  Practical firemanship.

v  Watch room procedure and mobilization – management of control, knowledge of topography of area, communication equipment in fire service, use of VHF sets.

v  Breathing apparatus: Physiology of respiration, types of breathing apparatus, construction, working principles and maintenance.

v  Fire service administration.

v  UN classification of explosives and propellants.

v  Fire protection requirements for liquid propellants and cryogenics.

v  Advanced chemistry of combustion.

v  Modern fire fighting techniques and management.

v  Disaster management and control techniques.

v  Indian and International standards relating to fire   appliances and buildings codes.

v  Environmental degradation vis-à-vis fire fighting.

v  Fire service administration – personnel management and material management.

v  Fire protection requirements for computer stations, static test pad for rocket motors, magazines and warehouses.

v  Personal Management, motivation and training.

v  Maintenance management.

v  Inventory Control.

v  Use of computers in fire service


06.    For the Scientist/Engineer posts, the Organisation has a progressive HRD policy which provides an excellent growth potential for the right individual through its periodical merit based performance review system (called Merit Promotion Scheme) de-linked from availability of vacancies at higher post by which the staff are being evaluated for the advancement of their career in the Organisation.

07.    The Organisation provides medical facilities (Contributory Health Service Scheme) for self and dependants, free transport facilities/transport allowance, subsidised canteen facilities, housing accommodation subject to availability, in addition to the facilities available to the other Central Government Staff.  The Centre has a well-maintained Central School and a well-stocked Library that provides an excellent opportunity for professional development.

08.    At present the place of posting is VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram, but the selected candidates are liable to be posted in any of the Units of the Indian Space Research Organisation/Department of Space situated anywhere in India as and when required.

09.    Candidates will have to produce the proof of the details furnished in their applications submitted on-line as and when required.

10.    Selection Process :

Sl No.

Post No/ Position No


Selection Process


1320 to 1323


Based on the online bio-data, initial screening/written test will be conducted for shortlisting the candidates for interview. The Centre may adopt the method of conducting written test for initial screening or may directly shortlist the candidates for interview by fixing a higher cut-off percentage of marks scored in the essential qualification course. Candidates called for Written Test/interview will have the option to answer the questions in Hindi also. Please note that the qualification prescribed is the minimum requirement and the same does not automatically make candidates eligible for written test/interview. If written test is opted for preliminary screening, the written test score will not reflect in the final selection process. The final selection will be based on performance of candidates in the interview only.



Research Scientist



Fire Officer-C

Based on the online bio-data, initial screening will be conducted for shortlisting the candidates for written test. Those qualifying the written test shall be subjected to undergo Medical Examination and those found medically fit shall undergo endurance tests. Interview will be conducted only for those candidates who qualify the written test, medical fitness and endurance tests. The final selection will be based on the criteria laid down below

Sl No


Maximum Marks

Individual minimum required


Endurance test

30 (Three Star Standard)

20 (Two Star Standard)


Written Test







  In the recruitment, the candidates obtaining highest marks will be selected.

Please note that the qualification prescribed above for the posts advertised is the minimum requirement and the same does not automatically make the candidates eligible for selection.

11.    The Centre reserves the right not to fill up any of the posts, if it so decides.

12.    Only Indian Nationals need apply.

13.    No interim correspondence will be entertained.

14.    Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification.

15.  Candidates working under Central/State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous bodies etc. should submit their application through proper channel or submit ‘No objection certificate’ at the time of written test/interview.

16.  Candidates possessing Degrees awarded by foreign universities should produce the equivalency certificate issued by  Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi, at the time of interview.

16.    Applications submitted without complete information, photo, signature etc. will summarily  be  rejected.


There will be a non-refundable  application fee of Rs.250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty only) for each application. Fee may be paid online through Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking or can be deposited in any State Bank of India branch through SBI Collect facility. No other mode of payment will be acceptable and the fee will not be refundable under any circumstances.

Female/Scheduled Castes (SC)/ Scheduled Tribes (ST)/Ex-serviceman [EX] and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) candidates are exempted from payment of Application Fee.  Please note that the applications of non-exempted categories without Application Fee will not be considered.


Submission of application :


Upon on-line registration, applicants will be provided with an on-line Registration Number, which should be carefully preserved for future reference. The candidates are also advised to take a printout of the online application for future reference.


The applicant need not send any documents such as print out of online application, receipt of cash payment, copies of certificates/mark lists in proof of educational qualification, work experience, age etc.   


Note : In case of submission of duplicate/multiple applications by Female/Scheduled Castes (SC)/ Scheduled Tribes (ST)/Ex-serviceman [EX] and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) candidates, the last application submitted before the last date of submission of application shall be considered for further processing. In case of submission of duplicate/multiple applications by other candidates including OBC, the application against which the ‘application fee’ has been received within the last date of payment of application fee only will be considered.